Sinterklaas’ Piet Academy [Holidaycie]

Hey Aktief Slippers! By now all of you have hopefully heard from Sinterklaas 🎁 Now, to let you all get to know a little more of this part of the culture of the Netherlands, the Holidaycie has organized a fun and active event for all Aktief Slippers! Join us on the 7th of December in […]

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Aktief Slip Birthday Pubquiz [PaPi and Board]

TLDR: Amazing & free Aktief Slip PubQuiz, December 8th in Common Room 'Hotspot' (Churchillweg)! Hey Aktief Slippers, Soon we will celebrate our association's birthday and for this very special occasion , we have organised a phenomenal PubQuiz for you all to enjoy! The PubQuiz will be held in the Common Room 'Hotspot' (Churchillweg 2) on […]

Stress Relief Hike [Sportcie]

Hey, Aktief Slippers! ✌️ Do you want to take a break from studying and do something more interesting and perhaps healthier instead? 🌲🍂 Then come and join Sportcie on 12th December for a nice stress relief hike 🚴🏼‍♀️🧗🏽including a fun game + free drinks and snacks.  ⚾️🥦 We'll gather in front of Forum at 15:00 […]


Study Room

Are you having a hard time focusing at home, all you can think of is watching Netflix in your bed? Can't find a study spot in Forum? We've got you covered! Come to Aktief Slip's study room on Wednesday 14th  and Thursday 15th December to prepare for your final exams and enjoy some snacks!


ESG High Tea

Dear student, As the days get shorter and the stress for your course more and more, we would like you to invite you to the delightful, delicious and ravishing high tea! Come enjoy a cup of tea with some cake and other snacks with your friends and emerge yourself in the calming experience😌 This dazzling […]

Christmas Movie Night [Akcie]

Take a break from studying and join us for a chill movienight with 1 of 3 Christmas Classics!🍿📽  Bring a blanket and some friends, and cosy up! Please RSVP by joining the WhatsApp group. Voting on the movie will happen later in this group too. ]