What is E.S.G. Artio?

Aktief Slip is one of the associations in the E.S.G. Artio group. The other associations areĀ Artemis, Genius Loci, Licere, Nitocra, Pyrus, and WSBV Sylvatica. E.S.G. Artio organizes integration activities for all members of the seven associations. If you want more information about their upcoming activities, you can check their Instagram, @esg.artio.

Why Artio?

Before 2024, E.S.G Artio was only known as ‘the ESG’, or ‘OW’ (OmgevingsWetenschappen) in Dutch. Not many people were aware of the existence of the ESG. Additionally, the name was the same as the department of the WUR, which was confusing. To make the group more recognizable and familiar to members, a name and logo was created: E.S.G. Artio. Artio is the Celtic goddess of fertility and bears.