Pancakes at the Rhine 2022

Pancakes at the Rhine is an annual event organized by Aktief Slip right before the school year begins. Get to know other fellow first-years and association members while enjoying a […]


Bowling [Akcie]

Hello new and returning Aktief Slippers! Join our bowling evening 🎳 so you can destroy everyone with your throwing skills 🎱! And meet some old and some new faces! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 […]


Minigolf [Sportcie]

Dear Aktief Slippers,  We know that the start of the new academic year sometimes might be a bit stressful. That’s why Sportcie is giving you the opportunity to do something […]



Board Interest Drinks [Board]

Board Interest Drinks! 22nd September, 19:30 @Forum, room B106 Hi there Aktief Slippers! Have you always dreamed of managing lots of money💸🤑, talking with huge companies☎️ or receiving all secrets […]


First-Years Lunch [Foodcie]

Dear 1st years, do you feel like you have not properly met your fellow students? Do you like good food and free things? Then we hope you will be hungry on […]

Movie Night [Environmental Sciences Group]

Hello dear ESGers, Some sad and happy news on our behalf! 👀 The BBQ this Wednesday will be cancelled 😪 due to the yet again rainy and windy weather, but no worries […]