The study association for Environmental Sciences

We’re the study association for the WUR-studies Bsc Environmental Sciences, Msc Environmental Sciences, Msc Climate Studies, and Msc Urban Environmental Management. We’re run by and for students, and our goal is to connect all our members together so we can have an amazing time!

Aktief Slip Merch

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22/01/2020 Vegan Cooking Class


We have almost uncountable committees, each one filled with volunteers whose goal it is to organise the best fun activities. Pot luck dinners, bar quizzes, mini-golf, bowling, fun weekends filled with activities, and many many more are available to members.

2/12/2020 Plastic Soup Lecture


Lectures, symposia, and business markets. By working together with sponsors, non-profits, and WUR professors & researchers we can offer lots of interesting activities to our members.

21/01/2020 CV Training by Eco-Job


Through the association our sponsors can share vacancies, internships, excursions, workshops, and thesis opportunities with our members. Promotion for them, career-building for us!

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Aktief Slip can be your world and life, or not. It’s up to you!