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Aktief Slip Weekend in Lanaken [Weekendcie]

June 17 @ 17:00 June 19 @ 17:00

After two long COVID years the time is finally there: the Weekendcie is organizing a trip again! On the weekend of 17th of June until the 19th we will go to the picturesque village of Lanaken, lying next to the river Meuse! It is barely outside of the Netherlands so we can technically this a trip abroad! We will make our home for those days in Pietersheim, a nice forested area with playgrounds, a petting zoo, and the possibility for lovely hikes. If you feel like that is a little bit too childish, we have something a bit more grown-up in mind as well! But to know that you have to join the weekend first! 😉

To get everybody already in the mood, we have a small playlist (which will be extended over the coming time): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1veWCJ4OS7TwQYqyTFk7Fl?si=d9b85372aa00408e

The weekend to Lanaken will be full of fun, relaxation, integration, and interesting activities. So, if you want to join your fellow Aktief Slippers, make sure to sign up via the link below! Spread the word!