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Aktief Slip Birthday Pubquiz [PaPi and Board]

08/12/2022 @ 19:30

TLDR: Amazing & free Aktief Slip PubQuiz, December 8th in Common Room ‘Hotspot’ (Churchillweg)!

Hey Aktief Slippers,

Soon we will celebrate our association’s birthday and for this very special occasion , we have organised a phenomenal PubQuiz for you all to enjoy! The PubQuiz will be held in the Common Room ‘Hotspot’ (Churchillweg 2) on the 8th of December, starting at 19:30. Joining the PubQuiz is totally free! However, there is a limited amount of spots available, so be quick!

You can sign-up individually or as a Team. If you sign up individually, we’ll assign you to a group. You can also sign up as a team consisting of 3 to 5 players. The winning team will, of course, receive a grand prize and the right to boast about their intelligence.

Since the PubQuiz is for Aktief Slip’s birthday, we want to create the perfect birthday atmosphere. Therefore, extra points will be awarded to teams who dress up like they are going to the same children’s birthday party. So take out ya old pirate rags ☠ or princess dresses, to give your team a head start! No points will be awarded to teams whose members don’t dress up in the same theme. Also, teams without a team name will get a deduction in points. There also will be a prize for the team with the best outfits.

Hope to see you there !

X Eline & Luuk

Signup with the Microsoft Form: https://forms.office.com/r/Tf0sM81K11