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The 11th of Lustrum of Aktief Slip supports the Sahara Conservation Fund. We hope to provide the SCF with an amazing donation at the end of our 11th lustrum year! Please help us to achieve that goal. Buy the “product” as many times as you want, to match the amount you would like to donate.

This NGO aims to protect animal species in the Sahelo-Saharan ecosystem against extinction. While the desert is often regarded as wastelands, a wide range of unique organisms and landscapes can be found there, and they need urgent attention.  With a main focus on conservation of large mammals and birds, the SCF battles illegal poaching and reintroduces species that have almost disappeared from their native areas. For more information, visit their website:

Please note: if you are not buying another product from the webshop as well, 30cents transaction fee will be reduced from your donation. Therefore it might be better to consider donating via our Tikkie or by cash at a physical event.


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