1.Make an account by clicking on “my account” in the top right. Select that you are a Vendor (someone who sells products). Fill out the requested information.
2.You will get access to your Vendor Dashboard. Here you can can create product advertisements. Begin by taking some pictures of your books, then click
“Add New Product” in the Products tab.
3.When creating a product, select the “BOOKS” category. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!
If you don’t select that category, your book will not show properly in the
book store. It might also be smart to set the amount of books (stock) you have to 1 (or however many you have) so that people can’t buy more copies of the
book than you have. When you’re ready to set your books online, change their status from “pending” to “published.”
4.The person who buys your book will pay online. They might pay in advance, or contact you through the information you provided when signing up. After they’ve paid and you’ve given them the book, you can go to “Withdraw” in the vendor dashboard to get the money they paid. Don’t forget to delete your product in the “Products” tab after you’ve sold your books.